The Medway Public Schools district, in partnership with the community, creates a safe environment that supports the pursuit of excellence for all through learning. The school community provides equitable opportunities for all students to apply knowledge, develop talents and skills, think independently, work collaboratively, and become informed, responsible, and productive citizens.


All educators will:

  •  Act upon the belief that, with appropriate supports, every student can achieve at high levels.
  •  Share responsibility for the learning of all students by actively collaborating with colleagues.
  •  Personalize and differentiate instruction to engage and challenge each learner.
  •  Model for students the core values of respect, perseverance, integrity, responsibility, and tolerance.
  •  Provide safe and supportive schools.

All students will:

  •  Exhibit the core values of respect, perseverance, integrity, responsibility, and tolerance.
  •  Be active and engaged members of the school community.
  •  Take appropriate risks and believe that hard work and persistence are the keys to successful learning.
  •  Collaborate with others to solve problems and accomplish goals.

Parents will:

  •  Be supportive of and participate actively in PreK-12 school programs.
  •  Ensure that students come to school on-time, prepared, rested, and ready to learn.
  •  Partner with teachers to support their children’s learning.
  •  Support their children’s efforts to build skills as independent learners.

The community will:

  •  Provide resources to support a balanced program of academics, arts, athletics, and co-curricular programs.
  •  Support school and student learning partnerships with community businesses and organizations.


All students will:

  •  Meet or exceed grade-level essential learning outcomes/content standards.
  •  Communicate effectively and appropriately, both orally and in writing.
  •  Define and solve complex social and academic problems independently and in teams.
  •  Use technology for communicating and learning.
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