October 26th Superintendent's Message

Dear Medway families:

The end of October means that the first quarter of our school year is near its end.  The work of the district continues at an exciting and productive pace and we have been pleased with the smooth start to the year.  As we close out month two, we remind families of the importance of remaining engaged and connected with the work of the schools in order to best support our learners.  Please find important information and upcoming events below.


Armand Pires, Ph.D.



Election Information

The upcoming presidential election will take place on Tuesday, November 8, 2016 at Medway Middle School, 45 Holliston Street.  This year town officials are predicting a large voter turnout, resulting in increased traffic in and around the middle school.  In anticipation of the increased traffic and in the interest of public and student safety, a number of town departments have been working together to develop a plan in preparation of the anticipated voter turnout.  


Information for Voters

  • Polling will take place in the small gym in Medway Middle School.  Voters will be able to access the polling site through Door #8, which is located on the left of the building near the back.  
  • Residents are asked to park in the designated spots in the gravel lot on the left side of the middle school or in the upper lot next to Charland Field.
    • Please enter the parking lot using the one way entrance adjacent to the gravel lot.  
    • Please exit using the one way exit across from Kenney Drive.
  • Please use extreme caution in the parking lot.  Throughout the day there will be a number of pedestrians in the lot.
  • Pedestrians are encouraged to use the crosswalks, sidewalks, and walkways when walking to and from your vehicle.
  • Commuter bus parking is being relocated to Kenney Drive.  The commuter bus will pick up and drop off there.  


Information for Middle School Families

Student safety is our number one priority.  We have established procedures within the building to keep voters segregated from our students.  There will be minimal disruptions to the activities of the school day.  We have been working closely with School Resource Officer, Detective Grimes, to develop a plan to ensure student safety on election day.  Below, please find important information about the changes for students and families that will be in effect on Tuesday, November 8, 2016.  

  • Students who are able to ride the bus are encouraged to do so.
  • Parent drop-off and pick-up is being relocated to the Kelley Street parking lot.  This change is in effect for November 8th only.  There will be a traffic detail at the intersection of Kelley and Holliston Street.  An administrator will be present to supervise students’ arrival and departure.  
    • Please note that the Kelley Street lot is our faculty parking lot and will be busiest between 7:00 am and 7:25 am.  
    • Please stay in line and pull up as far up as you can before letting your child out of the car.
  • Students who regularly walk to and from school should plan on crossing Holliston Street at the crosswalk closest to the middle school main entrance.  
  • Students who regularly walk to and from school using the path from the Burke-Memorial School should walk behind the middle school and enter/exit the middle school at the Kelly Street entrance.  
  • There will be no after school activities scheduled on election day. This measure is in place to minimize traffic at the middle school.  
    • The library will be closed.
    • There will be not late bus on that day.
  • Medway Extended Day (MEDI) pick-up will take place at the Kelley Street parking lot, Door #27, between 5:00 pm and 6:00 pm.


Medway Girls and Boys Varsity Soccer at Gillette!

What fun it was to venture to the home of the Patriots on Monday, October 17,  to watch our varsity soccer teams compete with Medfield on the big field.  Nearly 600 tickets were sold for this event; it was truly a community coming together.  It was a great night.  Please see pictures and article: Soccer at Gillette


Teacher Substitutes Needed

We are always looking to ensure that we have the highest quality, engaging and committed substitutes in front of our children when their teachers are not able to be with them.  As such, we are looking to increase our substitute pool of candidates.  If you have some time to offer and would enjoy this experience, please contact Carol Kopec at ckopec@medwayschools.org for more information.  


Turkey Trot

We encourage our community to join us for the 6th annual Medway Turkey Trot.  Walkers, runners, strollers, and family members of all ages are welcome!  See this link for more information and to sign up.


Strategic Planning Update

Last week marked our final school meetings with educators to collect feedback and input regarding the necessary action steps to reach success on the Strategic Plan Initiatives.  In the coming week, we will collate this feedback and translate these action plans into a format that can be brought to our community - coming soon!


S.A.F.E. Presents the COAAST Production of "Four Legs to Stand On"

The S.A.F.E. Coalition in collaboration with COAAST, presents “Four Legs to Stand On,”a 35 minute play, aimed at helping our communities stem drug abuse and improve its treatment.    There will be two showings:


10/27/16:  7 pm at Tri-County Regional Technical High School, Franklin, MA

10/28/16:  7pm at The Black Box, 15 West Central St, Franklin, MA


To register for free tickets please go to: http://safecoalitionma.com/


A Note From the Medway Foundation for Education

The Medway Foundation for Education (MFE) Annual Drive is underway and we are making some good progress.  But, we still have a ways to go to reach our goal of $5,000 and we need your help.   Please help us by making a tax-deductible donation today.  Any size donation will help us reach our goal so we can continue funding innovation and excellence in our school community.  


In past years, we have funded some wonderful grants submitted by our teachers, administrators, PTO groups, and students.  These grants have helped enhance the resources and effectiveness of our schools for over a decade. Whether it is the Math League, the Science Fair, Investigating Rotational Motion, Science Saturday for Girls, the Student Art Collection display, or even The Herren Project parents evening, we look to continually add to our reputation as a highly ranked school community. We need your help to keep advancing this work each year.  


To donate, you can visit our website at www.MFEducation.org and click on Donate Now through Network for Good.   You can also mail your donation check made out to MFE to the Superintendent’s Office at 45 Holliston Street, Medway MA 02053.  In addition, there are drop off boxes located at both Middlesex Savings Bank and Charles River Bank right here in Medway.


Some of you may remember getting phone calls from our high schools students and board members during the Annual Drive Phone-A-Thon each year.  Well, let’s face it…. that is so old school now. You can now find us on social media as follows:


Facebook:  www.facebook.com/ MedwayFoundationforEducation

Twitter: @MFE_Medway

Instagram: @MFE_Medway


Keep an eye out for our Grants in Action and announcements about our other exciting fundraisers later this fall and next spring.  Thank you for your donation!  It will go a long way in supporting our schools here in Medway.


Elementary Health Education Study Update

Our Elementary Health Study Team reconvened to report out on the research around elementary health education.  They also reviewed models of practice that they visited around the region.  It was a productive session and will result in the development of a recommendation within the next month.  This work is on an accelerated timeline to provide an opportunity to include recommendations in the budget development process.


Wellness Walk Unveiled

On Friday, October 14, the Medway High School Wellness Walk was unveiled.  This has been an on-going effort of English teacher, Kevin Collins and Physical Educator, Karl Infanger with the financial support of Community Preservation Committee. The .7 mile walk features kiosks that hold student work, community news, and other items.  Please review link to article: Wellness Walk


Education Express

We are pleased to share with you our Spring 2016/Back to School edition of  Education Express.  This publication is published quarterly and contains information from the end of the year last year, through the first month of school this year.  Enjoy!


Middle School Responds to Vandalism

Principal Perchase and her staff responded to the recent vandalism by turning the recent act into a teaching opportunity about acceptance and appreciation.  Details of this response were highlighted recently by the press in the following: Response to Vandalism.


School Committee Forum on Recess

The Medway School Committee invites you to attend a Forum on Recess that has been scheduled for Thursday, November 10, from 6:00-6:45 PM.  Participants will hear an overview of current progress from Dr. Pires and will have the opportunity to share their thoughts about recess for students.     


Upcoming District Events

November 2, 2016    MEPTO meeting, 7:00-8:00 PM, Memorial School

November 4-5, 2016    Medway High School Drama Club, the Brothers GRIMM Spectaculathon, 7:00 PM

November 10, 2016    

-School Committee Recess Forum, Presentation Room, Middle School, 6:00 - 6:45 PM
-School Committee Budget Reconfiguration Meeting, 7:00-7:30 PM 
-School Committee Meeting, Presentation Room, Middle School, 7:00-9:00 PM

November 11, 2016    Veterans Day - No School

November 17, 2016    National Honor Society Induction, High School, 7:00-9:00 PM

November 23, 2016    Early Release (all grades)

November 24-25, 2016    Thanksgiving Recess - No School

November 30, 2016    MSPTO meeting, Middle School, 7:30-8:30 PM

December 1, 2016    School Committee meeting, Presentation Room, Middle School, 7:00-9:00 PM

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