2017-2018 Bus Routes

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Where and How to Direct My Inquiries?

  1. Parental inquiries about bus routes and/or bus stops should be directed by phone to Don Aicardi, Director of Finance and Operations at 508-533-3222 x3151 or through email at daicardi@medwayschools.org
  2. Parents should not contact Holmes Transportation Company main number regarding changes to bus routes or bus stops.  If parents do, they will be directed back to the School Department.
  3. Parents should not request changes in the routes or bus stops directly to the Holmes Transportation Bus Drivers. We certainly welcome feedback and suggestions from bus drivers on ways to make the routes more efficient, or to help make the publication of the bus routes more accurate.  All inquiries should be sent to the Business Office where the proper evaluation of the requests can be evaluated, documented, and successfully implemented
  4. Parents should not contact administrative staff at the schools within the Principal’s office regarding changes to bus routes or bus stops.  
  5. Parents should not contact the Superintendent’s office regarding changes to bus routes or bus stops.
  6. Whether received by phone or email, all inquiries will be logged into a tracking document.  This document will list the parents name, address, phone number where they could be best reached during work hours, and the nature of the inquiry.  Keeping this document up to date and accurate helps all School District leadership know how and when the inquiries have been solved or responded to.

If contacting the Business Office by phone-some helpful suggestions:

Please spell your last name, first name.  An accurate phone number.  An email address. A succinct description of the inquiry if possible.  A Medway address.   The names of your children and where they are attending.  (Please take care to note if students’ last names are different than parent’s last names.)  All of this information will help us get back to you as quickly as possible or help us evaluate the issue using the transportation software.  All information from phone calls received will be logged into the tracking document.

If by email (preferable) -helpful suggestions:

Please spell last name, first name.  Accurate phone number.  A succinct description of the inquiry if possible.  A Medway address.   The names of your children and where they are attending.  (Please take care to note if students’ last names are different than parent’s last names.)  All of this information will help us get back to you as quickly as possible or help us evaluate the issue using the transportation software.  The call’s information will be then copied into the tracking document. Email is preferable over phone calls because it allows a correspondence to begin, to be printed out, or forwarded to Holmes Transportation, and to be copied into the tracking document.

It is important to get as much of the relevant information we need from parents as quickly as we can.  We are also trying to get the information completely and accurately the first time and not have to re-contact parents several times at several different points.  Duplication only slows the whole process of getting back to parents down.

School Committee Transportation Eligibility

  1. Before making any inquiry in whether your children are eligible to be bused, please familiarize yourself with School Committee Policy #24 which was enacted on February 4, 2016:

Busing Eligibility

Students in grades K-4 who live more than one mile from the school they are required to attend shall be eligible for school bus transportation to and from school and home.

Students in grades 5-8 who live more than one and one-half miles from the middle school shall be eligible for school bus transportation to and from school and home.

Students in grades 9-12 who live more than one and one-half miles from the high school shall be eligible for school bus transportation to and from school and home

In the event that your son or daughter falls outside the school committee policy parameters, please review the following information:

In collaboration with MA Safe Routes to School, the Medway Public Services, the Medway Police Department and Project Alex, the Medway Public Schools has mapped out “safe walking routes” for our K-8 students to use to get to and from school.  Each walking route is equipped with several drop off locations and multiple "walking stops", which are similar to bus stops, along the route.  Please refer to the school specific maps for more details about the walking routes your child can safely use to get to and from school:  Burke-Memorial/Medway Middle School Map and McGovern Elementary Map

Accommodations can be made for safety concerns raised by parents.  After requested, they will evaluated by the Business Office, in coordination with the Medway Police Department and the Holmes Transportation Company.

Bus Transportation Routes Process & Helpful Suggestions

  1. The bus routes for the upcoming school year are normally published on the Medway School Department website in the first half of August.   Due to changes suggested by bus drivers or requests made by parents, the routes and times of the original mid-August publication will likely evolve and change as improvements are made.  Updates will be regularly re-posted to our website so our parents have the best possible information. Parents should be prepared for several updates to routes to be published from late August to late September.
  2. Parents should be reminded that any times posted are “estimated guidelines” generated by the software. They are guideposts intended to give parents an approximate idea of the pick-up times within a 10 minute window-before and after.   The morning pick-up times will evolve throughout the school year as parents and bus drivers become more familiar with both the students and the routes.  Obviously, inclement weather will also have an effect on pick-up times at certain times of the school year.
  3. The publication of the timing of individual stops is done simply as a guide to be helpful to parents.  We understand that many parents need to have confidence in the timing of their students’ departure every morning because of how it may affect their ability to get to their jobs on time.  Experience has shown us that the first two to three days are the most uneven and frustrating-once the timing of all parties improves and stabilizes, the consistency of the routes improves. 
  4. The timing of when students are actually dropped off at their schools to begin their day makes us sensitive to changes in routes or adding stops.  Changing the routes or adding too many stops along the way can make the arrival time at schools to be a challenge.  Once the timing of routes stabilize after the first few weeks of school, we will begin to work with school staff and Holmes Transportation to fine tune the procedures at the beginning of the day and at the end of the day.  We want to get the students to school safely and on time-and also return them to their families safely.
  5. The designing of the routes is an annual collaboration between the Director of Finance and Operations and the Transportation Coordinator assigned to the Medway Public Schools from Holmes Transportation.  The School Resource Officer assigned to the schools from the Medway Police Department is also consulted when safety concerns of the bus stops or routes are raised by parents throughout the process. 
  6. Parents should do their best to relay interactions with the bus drivers including safety concerns about their driving or rate of speed as accurately as they can to the Business Office.  The beginning of the school year is stressful for the students, the drivers and the parents-so the relaying of the inquiries as quickly, and as accurately to the Business Office is very helpful to the improving the speed of resolving the questions.
  7. We will acknowledge the receipt of email or a phone call to acknowledge the receipt of the inquiry.  Answers to parental inquiries can range to several minutes of research to several days of work with multiple follow-up exchanges.  We have learned that a short acknowledgment from us can go a long way to confirm to an anxious parent that their question was received and is being reviewed. 
  8. The amount of inquiries received at the beginning of the school year can make it difficult to respond with very quick turnaround times due to the volume.  The Business Office is committed to getting back in touch with parents just as soon as we can.  We are grateful in the patience shown from our parents as they wait to have their questions answered. 
  9. We strongly urge parents to send in questions with as much notice before the opening of school once the routes have been published.  Recent history has shown that due to the high volume of inquiries received right before the school year opens or the first several days of school can be challenging to respond to parents in real time.  We particularly want to hear from parents new to the Medway Public Schools or riding the buses in Medway for the first time as early as possible.  Getting information to students and parents unfamiliar with riding the buses as early as possible can be helpful to lessen the anxiousness for all involved.
  10. Parents should know that the first 7-10 days of school can be a challenge for both students and bus drivers in terms of timing and consistency.  Our experience has shown the whole process improves over the first few weeks in terms of reliability as students get used to their new schedules and bus drivers become more familiar with their morning routines and improvements and suggestions for bus stops and routes are implemented.
  11. Some families may request that their son or daughter go home on a different bus than the one they came in on during the morning, or other variations.  The Business Office is responsible for the setting up of the routes, handling questions about bus stops, the safety of students while on the bus, and the behavior of Holmes Transportation bus drivers among many issues.  However, any requests from parents to change the “Monday to Friday” schedule should be directed to staff and/or Principal of their respective school.  The Principals and their staff need to be aware of changes in the normal flow of students leaving the school each afternoon.  Once a Principal or staff has been made aware of this request, they will be able to assist students with getting on the correct bus and will contact the Business Office for additional assistance on bus routes and stops. The staff at the schools must be notified of these requests.
  12. The population of the Medway Public Schools changes every year-new students coming in, students changing schools within the system, and students graduating from high school.  Due to population shifts, bus routes and stops are reviewed every summer once the new school population is identified for their accuracy, to reflect new student shifts of population, or for potential efficiencies in a placement of a bus stop.  Parents should be aware of the potentiality of changes to bus routes and bus stops from one school year to the next due to population shifts.  Parents should also be aware that eligibility for riding the bus may change as the student’s change schools-certain students may no longer be eligible or may become eligible for transportation as they change schools.  It is possible that parents may discover at the beginning of the school year very unexpectedly that their student may no longer qualify for transportation under the School Committee policy because they are attending a new school which is further or closer from the last school that their student attended. 
  13. The transportation needs of our youngest students-in particular our kindergarten students-is very important to us.  We try to pick up at their houses or place the bus stops as close to the place of residency that we have for those students every single year.  On the other hand, once our youngest students begin to move through the school system a stop that was added to accommodate their status as a younger student, like our kindergarteners, may be changed to reflect their current status.  Expectations for the amount of walking to stops will be different naturally for high school students than for our first graders and kindergarteners.  
  14. Routes, once published, may raise issues in parents’ minds about concerns about students crossing roads like Route 109.  Sometimes the bus routes may come close to a residence, but may be on the wrong side of their street.  It is not possible to annually design the routes to immediately address all safety concerns of parents before the beginning of the year.  We work hard with parents to address as many of their safety concerns as quickly as we can once the school year begins.  
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