Student Highlights

Alyssa Palladino- NESDEC AWARD

Alyssa has been a hardworking senior who made significant contributions in the area of music. Earning membership in the Tri-M Music Honor Society, Alyssa has been a role model for her peers in the area of music and beyond. She has been a diligent student who has worked to maintain consistent achievement in a strong honors and college preparatory program, including Honors Chorus throughout high school. She is a member of the Women’s Ensemble and A Capella groups, and was selected to perform at Central District Mass Music Educators’ Festival and All States for Chorus. Alyssa has been the regular performer of the National Anthem at athletic events, including cold hockey games on Saturday nights!  She has dedicated her time throughout high school to sing with her church choir and earned the honor of singing with the St. John’s Seminary Choir. She is also a member of a semi-professional choral group outside of school.


Brendan Brady-NESDEC AWARD

Brendan Brady has pursued a rigorous program of honors and AP classes throughout high school. Each year he has attained strong grades while continuing to increase the challenge of his program, currently taking five AP classes and Graphic Design.  He has been a role model for his peers in and out of the classroom. He balanced well his academic responsibilities while playing Varsity Hockey since freshman year. He is currently the treasurer of National Honor Society, and earned a National Latin Exam Award in grades 9 and 10 for his high scores.

Since grade 9, he has freelanced in graphic design for people in the community. He designs shirts, logos, forms, and signs. Brendan is interested in studying business or economics at a top tier school in the Northeast.Superintendent’s Award on Academic Excellence Criteria for award, top 5% of class and must consistently demonstrate leadership, social responsibility, respect for fellow students and involvement in varied aspects of the school community.


Emily Ertmann- M.A.S.S. Superintendent's Award of Academic Excellence

Emily is currently a senior at Medway High School, has been the recipient of several well-deserved awards. Emily has excelled in a challenging academic program that has included honors and AP classes.  Emily’s most recent achievements include: recipient of the 11th grade Math Award, 11th grade Chemistry Award, 11th grade Spanish Award and the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Medal and eligibility for $25,000/year Merit Scholarship if she attends Rensselaer.  Emily is a National Merit Scholarship Program Commended Student for her past performance on the PSAT/NMSQT. As demonstrated in her role as Captain of the Varsity Soccer Team, Emily possesses a strong leadership ability. She is a member of several activities including Peer Counseling, Student Government, SADD, and Women in STEM. Emily is interested in Chemistry and Health Science. With interest in one day attending medical school, she has expressed interest in University of Pittsburgh due to the School of Medicine’s Guaranteed Admit Program for outstanding high school seniors who are admitted to University of Pittsburgh and are interested in attending the University’s medical school after completing their undergraduate degrees.

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