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Summer Services - 2017

This year, EYS will run from July 11th through August 10th for most students.  I am often asked about our summer program, and why someone who would benefit from service was not referred for EYS services.  The answer isn’t simple, as it depends on a standard of need rather than one of benefit.  

There are a great many students who would benefit from structured summer opportunities, while the number of students who need EYS is far fewer.  EYS services are offered to students on IEPs who are likely to substantially regress without these services, or for whom lack of instruction would have a devastating effect on progress.

Substantial regression is defined as recoupment (‘bounce back”) that is longer than that which is typical over a summer vacation or holiday break.  In general, to qualify for EYS, there must be data that supports that a student takes longer to “bounce back” in a particular area of instruction (i.e. reading) than other students.  In rare instances, students with multiple disabilities and/or severe cognitive limitations would qualify for EYS based upon a vacation period having a devastating effect on progress rather than the regression/recoupment criterion.

For further information about EYS eligibility look here: Extended Year Services Brochure and ask your building’s ETS.

Kat Bernklow

Staff Contacts

Name Phone Job Title
Kathleen Bernklow (508) 533-3229 Director of Student Services
Barbara McDaniel 508-533-3229 x3178 Administrative Assistant
Sandra Grube 508-533-3229 x3108 Administrative Assistant
Cynthia Keefe 508-533-3229 x3177 Clerk/Paraprofessional
Rebecca Kiley 508-533-3266 x5107 Evaluation Team Supervisor, K-4
Vicky Fanelli 508-533-3229 x4403 Evaluation Team Supervisor, PK and 5-8
Christine Myers 508-533-3227 x5013 Evaluation Team Supervisor, 9-12
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