Nursing Update

May is National Allergy Month

Food allergies and anaphylaxis affect more than 15 million Americans.  It is estimated that every classroom has at least 2 students with a potentially life-threatening food allergy. In an effort to raise awareness of food allergies, schools across the country and here in Medway  will participate in Food Allergy Awareness Week starting on May 15, with Teal Take Over Day on May 19.

The High School will have information on Food Allergies displayed on bulletin boards in the nurse's office for students to read while waiting for assessment or dismissal.

In addition to wearing the color teal, the Middle School will have a video announcement regarding food allergies to raise awareness on May 19th, with particular emphasis on not sharing food, good handwashing after eating, seeking help from an adult for help if feeling sick, and staff and student education on food allergies  

McGovern and Memorial Schools will also celebrate “Teal Takeover” day on May 19th.  Staff and students will be encouraged to wear teal on that day to show support for the many individuals who live with food allergies.  Mrs. McKay at McGovern will visit classrooms with a food allergy awareness traveling bulletin board and send students home with an informational bookmark.  Students at Memorial will watch a 4 minute slideshow created by ( Food allergy information bulletin boards will also be in the nurse’s office throughout the month of May.

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