General Information About McGovern School

The John D. McGovern Elementary School which is located on 9 Lovering Street in Medway, is home to two preschool classrooms, seven kindergarten classrooms (six of which are full day and one which is half day), and eight first grade classrooms as McGovern has just recently become the early childhood center for the district.. There are approximately 40 students in pre-K, 145 students in K, and 160 students in grade one. The average class size is 18 in kindergarten and 20 in grade one.
Fifty-eight faculty members support education at McGovern. In addition to full-time classroom teachers, there is one full time and one half time resource room teacher, and a full-time and a half time reading specialist. 
Special subject areas include art, music, physical education and library. Children attend a special subject for forty-five minutes per day. They receive an additional forty-five minute period per week period of special subjects on a rotating basis. 
At McGovern School there is a full time school nurse a .6 FTE school adjustment councilor and .4 FTE school psychologist. They meet with children individually, and in small groups as needed.
Organization and facilitation of team meetings for special needs students is managed by an Educational Team Supervisor who is shared between both elementary schools. The school also employs a full time speech therapist. An occupational therapist and physical therapist meets with children based on needs outlined in Individual Education Plans.
Supporting individual special needs students in the classrooms are nineteen teacher assistants. The school has one school secretary and one custodian. There is also one principal and a full time instructional coach assigned to the McGovern School.
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