Mission & Philosophy Statements

Mission Statement

The John D. McGovern Elementary School is a primary school serving first and second grades in the Medway Public School System. It is the mission of the school to provide a safe and supportive educational atmosphere in partnership with staff, parents, and community. Its goal is to encourage students to be lifelong learners, skillful communicators, creative thinkers, and responsible citizens.

Philosophy Statement

The McGovern Elementary School is dedicated to the belief that students, parents, and educators are all involved in our children’s education in a responsible, nurturing, and supportive way. We believe that all children learn at different paces, possess unique learning styles, and can develop lifelong learning skills.
Each child is entitled to a safe, secure, and healthy environment. Therefore McGovern School staff strives to create a warm and inviting atmosphere, and to instill in all children a sense of self-worth. We stress acceptance, tolerance and support of all students and believe that all children should be treated fairly and equitably. We instill a strong sense of responsibility and teach healthy life skills so that our children grow into confident, cooperative, and productive members of society.

Medway has developed an exciting and challenging curriculum that recognizes the educational needs of all students, respects diversity and fosters lifelong learning skills. Diverse styles and needs are met through cooperative learning and active hands-on techniques that are integrated into all core subject areas. Our inclusive curriculum infuses the creative arts as well as problem solving, critical thinking, and decision-making skills. Co-curricular programs expose our students to community members and their contributions to our schools.

Our administration and faculty believe that each child is unique and has strengths to develop throughout their school lives. Resources are shared and faculty is supported and supportive. Diverse teaching styles make it possible for us to continually learn from each other and therefore bring to our children a model for teaching respect and acceptance of others. Faculty members model the importance of lifelong learning.

We encourage and solicit community and parent involvement through our Parent/Teacher Organization, parent volunteers and the School Council. Our children are our most precious resource and we at John D. McGovern Elementary School are committed to guiding them to develop into the best individuals they can be.

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