Medway Integrated Preschool


Welcome to our Preschool!  

The McGovern School is home to an integrated preschool program. Children between the ages of 3 and 5, who are Medway residents, are eligible to enroll in the Medway Integrated Preschool. Our program is taught by experienced special education teachers and supported by skilled support staff. We are proud to offer a low student-teacher ratio and follow the Massachusetts Preschool Curriculum Standards.


Mission Statement:

The Medway Integrated Preschool, through a partnership with regular education, special education, and our families, strives to create an inclusive environment where all children may realize their potential for intellectual, physical, and social/emotional growth through a variety of multi-sensory experiences. Our program enables each student to maximize feelings of self-worth, strengthen social relationships, and enhance his/her ability to contribute to our society.


Program Highlights

We are committed to:

  • Provide a language based inclusive setting where children can learn, play, create, socialize, and grow while promoting each child’s unique personality, developmental readiness, learning style, and self-esteem

  • Work together with families and provide daily and ongoing communication and support

  • Model and encourage children to use their words to problem solve, treat each other with respect, and learn to accept responsibility for their words and actions

  • Collaborate as a team with other school-based professionals (OT, PT, S/L, BCBA, Psychologist/Therapist) to promote success for all learners

  • Follow the Massachusetts Preschool Curriculum Standards to provide developmentally appropriate, hands-on experiences in literacy, math, science, technology, social studies, art,  music and fine & gross motor skills.


Integrated Preschool Program Overview

A Typical Day

  • Arrival - children hang up backpacks, place snack on name tag / table

  • Recess / gross motor play outdoors (playground equipment, balls, frisbees, etc.)  or indoor motor activities (movement, parachute, marching band, etc.) in inclement weather

  • Circle Time - includes welcoming each child; calendar / weather; songs / fingerplays; learning games; sharing time

  • Snack - children bring their own snack and drink and are encouraged to open containers and clean up their items with increasing independence; a “Question of the Day” promotes social skills (asking / answering a question; gaining the attention of others; listening skills; manners)

  • Story Time - children are given time to look at books alone or with a friend or utilize the listening center; story is read to whole group and may include elements of storytelling, dramatic play with props, retelling, music, and/or technology

  • Wilson Fundations Program - children are exposed to letters, sounds, and keywords through daily Fundations lessons; children are allowed to interact with letter cards during free time

  • Center Time - children spend a brief period of time (5-10 minutes depending on age)  at each center where developmentally appropriate learning activities in the areas of literacy, math, science, technology, social studies, language development / vocabulary, social skills, fine motor / gross motor, sensory development, etc. are presented. Activities are facilitated by a teacher or paraprofessional.

  • “Specials” - we currently visit the library (and take out a book weekly), have Gross Motor Group (PT), Fine Motor Group (OT), Speech Group (SLP), and have a weekly Open Circle / social thinking group (with a focus on social skills).

  • Free Play Time - this includes dramatic play area, large blocks, sensory table, art, writing, games, puzzles, etc. Children are able to choose the area they would like to play in and with whom.

  • Clean up Time - children are encouraged to work together to put away items they are using and to help to keep our classroom clean and organized (promoting self-help skills and a feeling of classroom community as we work together)

  • Goodbye Circle - children work with teachers to learn to gather their belongings and put on outerwear with increasing independence. We review our day, discuss upcoming events, and sing a goodbye song as children are dismissed one by one.


Special Celebrations:

   - Star of the Week - each child is celebrated during his/her Star Week. S/he is asked to make a poster which includes photos of family, pets, baby photos, vacations, favorite things, etc. During the week, family members are welcome to come in and spend time in the classroom. A special song is song daily to the child and s/he is a special helper.


 -  Color Days - children are asked to dress in a certain color for each special day and activities revolve around that color.


 - Thanksgiving Feast and Food Drive - preschool classes combine to eat snack together and share gifts (necklaces) to reenact the first Thanksgiving. Preschool also sponsors a school-wide food drive during November to benefit the Medway Food Pantry to make the concept of “giving” concrete for our students.


 - Gingerbread Festival - an annual December celebration where families share the experience of working together with their child to decorate a gingerbread house. All family members (including siblings) are welcome to share songs and decorating with classmates and friends.


 - Goodbye Picnic - an annual event in June prior to the last day of school where families are asked to come in and celebrate their child’s accomplishments over the past school year (through a video presentation). Families gather together and eat snack or lunch outside (weather permitting) as a culmination of our year.


- Other fun days such as “Pajama Day” on the Winter Solstice, “Crazy Hat Day”, Dr. Seuss’ birthday,  Groundhog Day, Valentine’s Day, “Beach Day”, etc. are also celebrated.



Staff Contacts

Name Phone Job Title
Susan Murphy ext. 5321 Pre-K Teacher
Karen Przybyl ext. 5320 Pre-K Teacher
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