News From the Middle School- January 16, 2018

Student Drop-off and Pick-up

I wanted to thank everyone for their cooperation in making the morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up safer for our students.  The adjustments that were made to the area have addressed the concern of traffic passing stopped vehicles while being loaded or unloaded and has resulted in less congestion. Please review the previously communicated information below and ask for your continued cooperation.  


Parking Lot Safety (pick-up/drop-off)

  • We will be creating a one lane pick-up/drop-off area.  This will eliminate cars from passing stopped vehicles on the right and will create a safer pick-up/drop-off zone for our students.

  • Please remain in the queue when picking up and dropping off your child.  Having students walk through the traffic and among the parked cars (either in the gravel lot or in the paved lot) creates a dangerous situation for students.


Morning Drop-off

  • Have your child take the bus, if they are assigned to one.  

  • Drivers are asked to pull all the way up to the crosswalk in the morning.  Once all cars are stopped in the drop-off area (indicated by the traffic cones), your child may exit your vehicle, cross in front of your car, and walk through the coned area to the sidewalk.  Once cars can safely exit the drop-off area, the next group of drivers are asked to pull forward as much as possible. This will allow us to safely unload 6-8 cars at a time.

  • You can begin dropping students off at 7:15 am.  The traffic is heaviest beginning at 7:25 am.  


Afternoon Pick-up

  • Dismissal is at 1:58 pm and busses leave at 2:05 pm.  

  • Students should not leave the blue crosswalk area to get into cars, whether parked or in the queue.  

  • Waiting to arrive to the middle school until 2:05 pm may provide a shorter wait time for families.  Students are welcome to stay warm in the middle school until their ride arrives.

  • The front bus loop opens at 2:10 pm for cars (except for Friday’s during January and February to accommodate buses for the ski trip).



  • Students who walk to and from school will no longer be allowed to cross by the bus/driveway exit.  The crossing guard closest to the middle school entrance will cross students.  This will result in less pedestrian traffic by the drop-off/pick-up area.


Thank you for your patience and cooperation.  


Fads and Challenges

From time to time, a new fad or “challenge” makes its way into the lives of adolescents.  Last year, water bottle flipping and fidget spinners were all the rage.  While annoying and disruptive, these fads did not create safety concerns.  Social media has definitely resulted in fads or challenges spreading more rapidly among children, especially impressionable middle school students.  This weekend, the Tide Pod Challenge made its way into mainstream media.  The “challenge” includes children/teens daring others to place the pod full of laundry detergent in their mouths, waiting for it to dissolve.  I encourage you to speak to your child about the inherent health risks involved in using items in ways that they are not intended, about making good choices when with their peers, and strategies to resist peer pressure.


Washington Post Article on the Tide Pod Challenge (with Rob Gronkowski’s PSA)


Student Karaoke- Friday January 19, 2018

The Performing Arts department is excited to announce an upcoming fundraiser for our musical, Shrek, Jr..  Next Friday, January 19th will be a Karaoke Night after school in the auditorium.  5th & 6th Grades will have their event from 2:10-3:45 and 7th & 8th grade students will have theirs from 5:00-6:30 (7th and 8th grade students will need to go home after school and return to the school beginning at 4:45).  There is a suggested donation of $5 to attend this event and should accompany the signed permission slip.  Space is limited and students must sign up before Thursday, January 18, 2018.  Come sing, eat snacks, and have fun with your friends to support a good cause!  Please see Ms. von Jena, Mr. Herbst, or Mr. Swavey for more information and to get a permission slip.


Purple Week

To follow Chris Herren's visit to the middle school we will participate in National Project Purple Week January 22-26.  Students will have the opportunity to take the pledge to go purple and abstain from drugs and alcohol.  In addition, students can create a Project Purple poster for a contest.  Paper will be available at the Middle School office beginning on 1/17, will be due back on 1/22, and will be posted in the school leading up to Project Purple Week.  Prizes will be given to the two best posters per grade.


Come to the Science Fair!!!
We are quite excited to announce that the 11th. Annual Middle School Science Fair will be held on Thursday, January 25, 2018 from 6:30-8 p.m. in the second floor Middle School Library. Please plan on viewing the work of our young scientists. We have twenty-six 7th and 8th grade students participating this year, some independently and some with partners. Their projects cover a wide variety of scientific topics. It will be an informative and fun evening where the winners will be announced. Special thanks to all the judges for giving their expertise and time to the Middle School Science Fair participants and their creativity.


Parent Coffee Hour- January 31, 2018

Our next Parent Coffee hour is scheduled for Wednesday, January 31 at 6:00 pm.  All members of the middle school community are invited to attend.  The focus of this meeting will be to get to know Mr. Menna, our new assistant principal, and to preview the scheduling process for the 2018-2019 school year.



This year, the district is piloting iReady, an online assessment tool, which will assess students across the key domains in reading and mathematics. The iReady diagnostic is an adaptive test that provides us more information about your child's areas of strength and areas of need in reading and mathematics.   Students will be completing the mid-year iReady assessment in their math and ELA classes in early January.  After the diagnostic tests are administered, teachers will use the information to plan instruction.  We will also use this information to identify students who require additional interventions or possibly reduce the level of interventions for some students.  


Upcoming T.H.R.I.V.E. Event ~ Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Our next T.H.R.I.V.E. event will take place on Wednesday, January 17, 2018 at 7:00 PM  in the Middle School Auditorium.  The topic will be Celebrating Differences, presented by Roots and Wings.  For more information about the event please follow this link: Celebrating Differences

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