News From the Middle School- October 3, 2017

Drone Demonstration

Medway Cable Access' Youth Access coordinator Bryan Quitadamo volunteered his time at Medway Middle School to perform a drone demonstration for all 8th grade students. This demo included the drone taking off, flying around the outside of the school taking pictures and video, then finally landing in the athletic fields in back of the school. Mr. Quitadamo took the time to talk about the rules and regulations of using a drone and different certifications that you need to be able to fly the drone as well as the laws associated. Flying one of these drones is not something that a person can do without proper training.


Understanding how drones work and are built has become an interest of many students. The drone industry provides opportunities in a wide variety of fields. Drones are used in the military, police work, for farming, for food and medicine delivery, recreational photography and videography and of course reporting. This demonstration was an exciting opportunity for our students to ask relevant questions and to experience the flight first hand.


Makerspace- A HUGE Hit

Recently, we opened Medway Middle School’s Makerspace!  A makerspace is a tool for redefining the educational experience. The tools and resources that are present in a makerspace environment allow student expectations and lesson objectives to be easily redefined.  Students are able to access the makerspace during lunch and after school.  In addition, teachers will be able to bring their classes to the makerspace to support and enhance student learning.  Each week, Mr. Camire leaves a challenge for students to work on or students can create/collaborate on individual projects.  We will continue to assess the success of this space and make adjustments and additions as necessary and possible!


We have been overwhelmed by our students interest in our makerspace!  The library is alive with students, creating and collaborating everyday after school.  We are in the process of tracking how many students are using the makerspace daily and it may become necessary for us to have students sign-up to limit the number of students in the library after school.  We are also exploring the option of having parent volunteers assist in the makerspace. If this is something that you would be interested in volunteering with, please email Mrs. Muench at


Lunch Room

Last year, we extended our lunch period from 22 minutes to 29 minutes.  This adjustment allowed us to provide our students an opportunity to go outside daily.  We have established procedures in the lunchroom meant to provide structure for students while maximizing their time to eat their healthy lunch, go outside, and spend time with friends.  We feel strongly that students should not buy their snacks (ice cream, baked  goods, chips, etc.) until after they have had a chance to begin eating their healthy lunch.  This creates an additional transition to the lunchroom procedures, resulting in less time at the end of the lunch period.  It often takes time for students to learn our routines, procedures, and expectations. This is especially true for the grade 5 students, our newest members of the community.  We are pleased with the progress  that all students are making.   


News from Community Education

The Community Education Department is pleased to offer 17 programs for all Middle School students.  The 17 offerings include: math homework support, field hockey clinic, tennis clinic, watercolor workshop, along with many other classes. Registration is open, look for the flyer sent home with your child or you may register at:


Minding your Mind Presentation: Save the Date- October 11, 2017

Stress and anxiety are becoming an increasing challenge for our children.  According to the results of the 2016 MetroWest Adolescent Health Survey, nearly 50% of Medway Middle and High School students experience mild to severe symptoms of anxiety.  


In response, Medway Public Schools and Medway T.H.R.I.V.E. have collaborated to bring Minding Your Mind, to present to students and parents.  Students and parents will see Minding Your Mind speaker, Meghan Hubbard, present “Just Talk About It”, her personal story about how she dealt with her anxiety to overcome her struggles.


Presentation for Students in Grades 7 & 8: October 11th, during the school day

Parent presentation: October 11th, 7:00-8:30pm, Medway High School Auditorium


We invite you to attend this, no cost, parent presentation, so that you can share this experience with your child.



Free for all Medway residents 6 months and older

Free for all Medway Public School Staff


2 Dates available


When: Thursday October 5th

Where: Medway High School Lobby

Time  3-5pm




When Friday October 13, 2017

Where: Medway Senior Center

Time: 10-11:30am


Please bring your insurance card and wear a short sleeved shirt


News from the MFE


The MFE Annual drive will begin  9/25 and run through 10/15


Be sure to check your email or our Facebook page and website for each weeks special prize. Every person who donates will have a chance to win!


This week, win a pair of Red Sox tickets for the September 30th game against Houston.


Watch the big tally board at the middle school to see how we are doing.


We thank you for your support.


News from the MSPTO



2017-2018 Meeting Schedule


All Meeting Start @ 7:30PM on last Wednesday of the Month


October 25-High School

November 29-Middle School

(6:00 PM Start - 4th Annual Pop-up Shop)

January 31- High School

February 28- Middle School

March 28-High School

April 25- Middle School

May 23rd- High School


Meeting Locations:

Middle School Library

High School Guidance


MSPTO 2017-2018 Executive Board Members


Kathy Campbell

Co-Vice President/MS

Moira Keating

Karen Tudino

Co-Vice President/HS

Julie Dennehy

Julie Donohue


Susan Rozak


Box Top Contest

Medway Secondary Parent Teacher Organization

Middle School Box Tops Contest


The one class that brings in the most box tops and labels will enjoy a pizza party!


The one Student who brings in the most box tops and labels will win a $25 Gift Card!


Students must bring boxtops and labels in a bag labeled with their name and homeroom number to the office by Friday, October 27, 2017 to be entered into this contest.


Good luck!!!


News from SEPAC

The Medway SEPAC will hold our first meeting of the school year on October 17 in the High School Library.  We will have officer elections and SEPAC business at 6:45 (with a raffle for anyone who attends the business meeting), followed by a talk by Dr. Jennifer Del Rey on "The Transition to College for Students with Special Needs"at 7:00.  Parents can visit our website ( or our facebook page ( for more information.


In addition, with the help of the Student Services Office, we will be hosting a big event in November that we hope will be very popular with parents.  Jessica Minahan, BCBA and author of The Behavior Code, will be speaking at 7 pm on November 8th in the Middle School Auditorium.  Like all of our events, it is open to the Public.  We will send you more details for that event as the event gets closer.


College Planning Event at Framingham State University


"College Readiness for Parents: What Every Parent Needs to Know" seminar being held at Framingham State University on Thursday, October 19 at 7-9 PM.  This program focuses on helping parents understand the difficulties students have with the transition to college in order to help build the habits needed to become successful.  This event is open to all, and would be a good program for parents of students in grades 7-10.  Topics include:


-Expectations and assumptions of college faculty

-Work/study habits and organizational skills: high school vs. college

-Why getting good grades now is not a guarantee for future success



·   English     Spanish     Portuguese:

Please use this link  to register for the event:

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