News From the Middle School- September 19, 2017


Back to School Night

This year's Back to School Night is scheduled for Tuesday, September 19, 2017.  Please click here to see a copy of the schedule that was sent home last week.



Medway Middle School is a proud recipient of the 2017 NFL Play 60 Grant.  Grant funds, provided by the National Football League and the New England Dairy Association, will be used to start a breakfast and before school exercise program at MMS.  Breakfast will be available to all MMS students who arrive to school by 7:20 am.


Late Buses

Medway Middle School is pleased to continue to offer our students a late bus on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.  The late bus can be used by students who have stayed for after school activities, such as staying for extra help with a teacher or participating in an extracurricular program or club.  Students must have a late bus pass signed by the teacher that they were with.  The two late buses leave the middle school at approximately 3:15 pm (this may be slightly delayed depending on the impact of the construction on route 109) and depending on the number of students riding the bus, they take approximately 45 minutes to an hour to complete their respective routes.   


News from the Library

Young Adult Permission Slip


Ms.Ostholothoff is excited to welcome students to the library and to have them select books to read and enjoy! Our hope is to provide  students with a large selection of books that appeal to a variety of interests and reading levels.  As a middle school that serves students in grades 5 through 8, our library collection mirrors the diverse developmental needs of our students.  The middle school library collection includes books that are categorized as Young Adult (YA) novels.  Young Adult novels are generally intended for readers 12 years old and older.  The subject matter and story lines of YA literature are typically consistent with the age and experience of the main character, but YA literature spans the spectrum of fiction genres. YA stories that focus on the specific challenges of youth are sometimes referred to as problem novels or coming-of-age novels.  As a parent, you have the right to decide which books are appropriate for your child to read.  If you would prefer your child not to checkout books labeled as YA, we ask that you please complete and return  the Young Adult Book Permission Slip.  Our library staff will keep this on file and limit your child from taking YA books out of the middle school library.  Below, please find a couple of resources that may assist you in supporting your child’s love of reading.  


Common Sense Media Book Reviews

American Library Association


Scholastic Book Fair

The Scholastic Book Fair will be during the week of September 18 - 22 in the middle school library. Notice that it coincides with the back to school night above so that parents/families can visit the fair that evening as well.   


Picture Day

Picture day is scheduled for Tuesday, September 26.


Parent Resource

Joani Geltman, MSW, a therapist and parenting coach has visited Medway several times to provide parents with useful strategies to help their child to navigate the teenage years.  Joani also writes a weekly blog to provide families on-going support and information.  Joani’s recent blog provides parents guidance “You Need To Know: New Apps Your Teen Uses!!!”.  Please follow the link below for information on the newest social media apps.  If interested, please read below.

Joani Geltman’s Blog


News from the MSPTO

The MSPTO relies on the critical support of our families to directly fund and support many of the needs across our school community such as informative parent and student enrichment programs, teacher appreciation events (2x/year), and 8th Grade Graduation and celebration activities.  A small donation from each family will enable us to continue to fund these activities as well as special requests that fall outside of the budget.  

To access the form:  please visit

Please consider a donation this month as we embark on the 2017-18 school year by clicking the "donate" button in the banner of this page, or give your student a check in an envelope marked MSPTO to hand in at the office. (We have MSPTO boxes in both middle and high school offices.)

However you give, via Paypal, credit card/debit, or check... please give so we can skip the giftwrap sales and get right to the giving!   Deadline:9/29/17.

MSPTO will have a table at MMS Open House this Tuesday 9/19 and will gladly accept donations via check as well as your ideas and suggestions for events and programming.

And for those families who have already donated….OUR SINCERE GRATITUDE!

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