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Central Office
Armand Pires Superintendent (508) 533-3222
Gabrielle Abrams Assistant Superintendent (508) 533-3222 x3157
Carol Kopec Administrative Assistant Superintendent's Office (508) 533-3222 x3157
Ellen Quinn Executive Assistant to the Superintendent (508) 533-3222
Robert Pearl Athletic Director (508) 533-3227 x5120
Business Office
Don Aicardi Director of Finance and Operations (508) 533-3222 x3151
Katherine Bird HR Coordinator (508) 533-3222 x4943
Donna Chisholm Assistant Business Manager (508) 533-3222 x3155
Joanna Komola Payroll Coordinator (508) 533-3222 x3152
Kelly Tucker HR Administrative Assistant (508) 533-3222 x3154
Child Care / Students
Margery Monahan Community Education and Daycare 508-533-3222 option 4
Community Education
Margery Monahan Director of Community Education (508) 533-3222 x 5165, 5166
Special Education
Kathleen Bernklow Director of Student Services (508) 533-3229
Kimberly Condon Evaluation Team Supervisor, Middle School Grades 5-8 508-533-3229 x3201
Leslie Diamandis Evaluation Team Supervisor, Elementary Grades PK-4 508-533-3229 x5164
Sandra Grube Administrative Assistant 508-533-3229 x3108
Cynthia Keefe Clerk/Paraprofessional 508-533-3229 x3177
Barbara McDaniel Administrative Assistant 508-533-3229 x3178
Facilities Use
Christopher Dziurzynski Facility Permit Coordinator 508-321-4880
Shirley Bliss Permitting Coordinator (774) 277-5630
James MacLean Facilities Director (508) 533-3222 x3159
Kristen McHugh Administrative Assistant (508) 533-3222 x3158
Health and Wellness
Christine Babicz Nurse Coordinator 508-533-3227 x5008
Cheryl Gay Burke-Memorial School Nurse 508-533-3265 x5152
Colleen Langille Middle School Nurse 508-533-3230 x4123
Penny McKay McGovern School Nurse 508-533-3243 x5354
Ryan Sherman Director of Wellness 508-321-4714
School Committee
Carole Bernstein
Diane Borgatti Chairperson
Richard Eustis
Anh Le
Cindy Sullivan
Richard Boucher Director of Technology & Information Services (508) 321-4961
Ryan Camire Technology Integration Specialist (508) 533-3222 x2205
Mathew Cerqua Technology Support Specialist (508) 533-3222 x4120
Michael Conway Database Administrator (508) 533-3222 x3172
Jesse Cordeiro Technology Support Specialist (508) 533-3222 x4116
David Drouin Technology Support Specialist (508) 533-3222 x4117
Paula Johnson Technology Integration Specialist (508) 533-3266 x5125
Sean Peplinski Network Engineer (508) 533-3222 x4119
Robert Holmes Holmes Transportation (508) 528-4550
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