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David List Dean of Academics and Activities ext. 5009
Wanda MacLean Dean's Secretary ext. 5001
Timothy McCarron Principal ext. 5002
Christine Myers SPED ETS ext. 5013
Dorothy Pearl Dean of Student Services ext. 5001
Ellen Russell Principal's Secretary ext. 5002
Maureen Brodeur ext. 3020
Noelle Jackson ext. 3016
Beth Pawlyk Trainer ext. 5049
Rob Pearl Athletic Director ext. 5020
Educational Leaders
Aubrie Rojee Humanities ext. 5016
Melissa Cecchi ext. 2013
Kevin Collins ext. 1010
Reena Johnson ext. 2015
Emily Lew ext. 1014
Kristyn McCarthy ext. 1008
Patricia Parrella ext. 1016
Stephanie Thrasher ext. 1011
Sara Zatir ext. 1012
World Language
Dora Avellino-Chan ext. 2014
Sihao Cao ext. 2012
Isabelle Chaudoir ext. 2009
Maureen Coutu ext. 2016
Katherine Fallon ext. 2019
James Hurlbut ext. 2008
Elizabeth Lynch ext. 2011
Luis Torres ext. 2010
School Counseling Services
Kathryn Cumming Adjustment Counselor ext. 5011
Charlsey Gentile School Counselor ext. 5010
Carol Hopsosn School Counseling Secretary ext. 5018
Allison Jasmin School Counselor ext. 5027
Cynthia Kovacs School Psychologist ext. 5006
Jacqueline O'Leary School Counselor ext. 5007
Emily Pegoraro School Counselor ext. 5005
Mary Dolan Library Director ext. 2227
Kelly Bliss ext. 2208
Andrea Buscio ext. 2210
Timothy Geruso ext. 1211
Shanley Heller ext. 2108
Kristen Kirby ext. 2110
Mary Morin ext. 2211
Andrew Nasiff ext. 1209
Ed Nelson ext. 2112
Donna Shire-Swift ext. 2209
Kendra Nutting ext. 3513
Amanda Webster ext. 3525
Christine Babicz Nurse ext. 5008
Physical Education
Karl Infanger ext. 5032
David Murphy ext. 5033
Janet Trottier ext. 1009
School Resource Officer
Bob O'Neill ext. 5028
Jonathan Choi ext. 1220
Sarah Erving ext. 1215
Marcelle Foucre ext. 1113
Joan Hallett ext. 1214
Frank Hoek ext. 2214
Jonathan Jasinski ext. 1220
Julie Kadlik ext. 1210
Kristy Macedo ext. 1117
Michael Milham ext. 3027
Donna Pereira ext. 2220
Social Studies
Christopher Borden ext. 1112
Neill Brandon ext. 1111
Cynthia Larkin ext. 2016
Brent Lowder ext. 2107
Devin Pacelli ext. 1107
Sarah Pesaturo ext. 2109
Alfred Petrarca ext. 1110
Jason Rojee ext. 1109
Aubrie Rojee ext. 5016
Special Education
Timothy Brandon ext. 2007
Kristen Connors Ed. Assistant ext. 5072
Kelly Culcasi Ed. Assistant ext. 5075
Beth Donovan ext. 2119
Ellen Hester Speech & Language ext. 1104
Brian Kelly ext. 2017
William Lovett ext. 2213
Christine Myers ext. 5013
Madeline O'Donovan ext. 1105
Katherine Scott ext. 2104
Pragti Aggarwall ext. 5076
Robin Boria ext. 5070
Darleen Cellucci ext. 5071
Joanie Colligan ext. 5077
Heather Cronin
Deb Dodge ext. 2006
Jennifer Merrihew
Jean Vazza ext. 5025
Stephen Janczura Video Production ext. 3545
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