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Amanda Luizzi Principal 508-533-3266
Front Office
Lynda Barry Administrative Assistant ext. 5150
Lisa Messina Administrative Assistant ext. 5101/5104
Cheryl Gay Nurse ext. 5152
Instructional Coach
Elizabeth LeDoux Instructional Coach
Instructional Support
Christine Doherty Reading Specialist ext. 5214
Christine Holzman Reading Specialist ext. 5136
Gregory Otero Title I Teacher ext. 5107
Heidi Roper Reading Specialist ext. 5216
School Counselors
Colleen Christie Psychologist ext. 5109
John Kelley Adjustment Counselor ext. 5151
2nd Grade
Nicole Ball 2nd Grade Teacher ext. 5212
MaryBeth Curran 2nd Grade Teacher ext. 5148
Lesley Kelly 2nd Grade Teacher ext. 5115
Susan Laidlaw 2nd Grade Teacher ext. 5211
Rob Mahoney 2nd Grade Teacher ext. 5213
Megan Munger 2nd Grade Teacher ext. 5146
Patricia Ward 2nd Grade Teacher ext. 5114
Danielle Witter 2nd Grade Teacher ext. 5147
3rd Grade
Maggie Cassinelli 3rd Grade Teacher ext. 5120
Heidi Cross 3rd Grade Teacher ext. 5227
Patty Dillon 3rd Grade Teacher ext. 5121
Mary Ellen Goulet 3rd Grade Teacher ext. 5117
Linda Lindsey 3rd Grade Teacher ext. 5119
Amanda Moroney 3rd Grade Teacher ext. 5225
Nancy Thompson 3rd Grade Teacher ext. 5228
Sharon Tight 3rd Grade Teacher ext. 5226
4th Grade
Jayne Butler 4th Grade Teacher ext. 5129
Carolyn Erdelyi 4th Grade Teacher ext. 5215
Kathy Hickey 4th Grade Teacher ext. 5127
Krystn Hickman 4th Grade Teacher ext. 5219
Catherine Loring 4th Grade Teacher ext. 5126
LeeAnn Nash 4th Grade Teacher ext. 5188
Shannon Tonelli 4th Grade Teacher ext. 5128
Barbara Wotton 4th Grade Teacher ext. 5189
Allied Arts
Emily Bilodeau Music ext. 5138
Stephanie Cunningham Science ext. 5124
Deborah Francis Librarian ext. 5170
Marissa Keleher Science/Technology Teacher ext. 5123
Christine Moyer Art ext. 5224
Pat O'Neil PE ext. 5160
Student Services
Monica Cantwell LINKS\Special Educator ext. 5222
Bonnie Daudelin Reading ext. 5116
Lauren Enzie ELL Teacher ext. 5214
Barbara Fanning Learning Center ext. 5118
Lindsey Farrar Special Educator ext. 5220
Jan Haskins OT ext. 5174
Besty Keavany Speech ext. 5220
Ellen Ward Learning Center ext. 5145
Pragiti Aggarwal ext. 5228
Cindy Apgar ext. 5225
Kira Daly ext. 5219
Dale Freeman ext. 5215
Barbara Maffeo ext. 5126
Karen Maxwell ext. 5120
Judie Murray ext. 5226
Kelly Parent ext. 5211
Beth Peduto ext. 5189
Jessica Bartha Physical Therapist ext. 5174
Mike Bradford Maintenance (508) 533-3265
Extended Day (508) 533-7395
Leslie Diamandis Evaluation Team Supervisor ext. 5101
Jeff Grenon Night Custodian
Richard Iapicca DayCustodian (508) 533-3266
Paula Johnson Technology Integration Specialist ext. 5125
Jennifer Mascis Cafeteria ext. 5132
Head Start (508) 533-0384
Burke-Memorial - School Council
Mary Ellen Goulet 3rd Grade Teacher
Kathy Hickey 4th Grade Teacher
Lisa Sheehan
John Scott Smith
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