Usage Policy

It is the policy of the Medway School Committee to permit responsible individuals or organizations (where the main purpose is to benefit the citizens of Medway) the use of school buildings and athletic fields to the extent that there is no interference with the educational programs. The complete control of school buildings and equipment is, by law, vested in the School Committee, and the administration of the rules and regulations governing the buildings is delegated to the Superintendent of Schools or his designee.

Use of school facilities shall be granted within the limits prescribed in Chapter 71, Section 71, of the Massachusetts General Laws and acts in amendment or addition thereto.

This policy covers all functions/events which are held in the Medway Public Schools after 4:00p.m., Monday through Friday, and anytime on Saturdays and Sundays.

Priorities For Use of School Facilities

Priorities for use of school facilities, including buildings and athletic fields shall be as follows:

  1. Medway School Activities (student performances, student athletic events, dances, graduation, school councils, school committee, etc.)
  2. Medway Community Education Activities
  3. Medway School Support Groups (PTO, MFE, etc.)
  4. Medway Town Related uses (town meetings, voting, etc.)
  5. Medway Non-Profit groups (Lions Club)
  6. Medway Youth related non-profit organizations (MABA, MYS, Scouts)
  7. All other

Conditions of Use

  1. A completed Application for Use of School Facilities form (and Certificate(s) of Insurance, if applicable) must be submitted to the Business Office Medway Public Schools, 45 Holliston Street, Medway, MA 02053.
  2. It is suggested that all renters obtain and review this policy in its entirety.
  3. There are certain restrictions upon the use of school property and the building. The user is solely responsible for the fulfillment of the regulations of the following:
    1. State Department of Public Safety
    2. State and Local Fire Laws
    3. State and Local Police Laws
    4. Internal Revenue Admission Laws
    5. State Laws Relating to Rental of School Facilities
  4. There is to be no smoking in the buildings or on the grounds of the Medway Public Schools in accordance with the Medway Public Schools No Smoking Policy.
  5. Police coverage may be required for a particular activity. The applicant is responsible for making these arrangements and for payment of the same.
  6. The applicant must be present throughout the time the facilities are being used. The applicant is responsible for the decorum of the group, including spectators.
  7. When minors are using a facility, they are required to have adult supervision on a 1 to 15 ratio basis.
  8. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed on any school premises.
  9. Food and/or beverages are only permitted in cafeterias/all-purpose rooms. Eating or drinking in auditoriums, classrooms or gymnasiums is not permitted.
  10. Any damages sustained to the facility and/or equipment during its use will be considered the responsibility of the renting organization. The renting organization will be billed for any repairs needed to restore the facility and/or equipment to its original state.
  11. No electrical apparatus shall be connected to any lighting system unless it is first inspected and approved by the district approved auditorium manager or technical staff personnel.
  12. In all cases where gymnasiums are used for athletic purposes, participants are required to wear athletic shoes.
  13. School kitchens are available only when proper lunchroom employees are employed (at an additional expense) to supervise and protect the interests of the Medway Public Schools except for functions sponsored by and directly benefiting the Medway Public Schools. Applicants must contact the Food Services Director to arrange for the specifics and receive an estimate of the costs.
  14. Entrance to the property shall be permitted ONLY via the main (front) doors of the school in use. All doors to the facility shall remain LOCKED at all times, except that custodial personnel shall unlock main entry doors for entrance by authorized groups as scheduled (fifteen minutes before and after scheduled start). Corridors/facility shall be unlocked as necessary to accommodate groups while in the building.
  15. Access to facility will be available only as indicated on the approved application form.
  16. Equipment of the building user, such as scenery and furniture, may not be moved into or out of the building during school hours.
  17. The building user must satisfy the office of the Director of Facilities that the person designated by the building user to operate the lighting, curtains, drops, scenery, etc. is qualified to do so. In the absence of such a person, a custodian shall be engaged to operate the stage.
  18. It is the policy of the Medway Public Schools not to loan school materials and equipment to individuals or groups.
  19. Vehicles are strictly prohibited from parking in the circular driveway in front of the Medway Middle School and in the circular driveway of the New Medway High school. There shall be no double parking. All fire lanes shall be accessible at all schools. This will be enforced by the Medway Police Department, and violators are subject to being ticketed and/or/towed.
  20. There shall be no parking or driving on any school property in conjunction with any function except as specified by the custodian or police officer on duty, or as approved by the Medway Public Schools.
  21. All non-school or town governmental related activities MUST be completed and the premises vacated by 10:00 p.m.

Insurance Coverage

  1. The organization shall procure and maintain insurance against claims for injuries or losses to persons or property that are alleged to have arisen in connection with the activities, underlying this application, of the organization and any agents, representatives or employees. Insurance companies must be licensed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts or otherwise acceptable to the School Department. The cost of such insurance, including required endorsements or amendments, shall be the sole responsibility of the organization. Full disclosure is required for any non-standard exclusions.
  2. A certification of insurance, with minimum limits of $1,000,000 for general liability (covering bodily injury and property damage combined, and personal injury) must be delivered to the Business Office for review prior to the date of the activity.
  3. In addition, evidence of automobile liability and employers' liability (Workers' Compensation) insurance coverage is similarly required to the extent applicable by nature of the activity.
  4. All Certificates of Insurance must include the Town of Medway as additional named insured.


  1. Neither the School Department nor its custodian on duty assumes any responsibility for liability.
  2. All decorations, furniture, trash and other materials used shall be removed immediately by the renter after the completion of the function. All decorations MUST be fire resistant. Changing equipment, electrical adjustments, driving nails or hanging decorations shall be done only with the consent of the Director of Facilities. At no time shall objects be attached to stage curtains.
  3. Medway Public Schools will not be responsible for any material left behind - It will not be saved and the renting organization will be charged for its removal.


  1. It is understood that fees shall be charged for use of school facilities as defined by the Fee Schedule.
  2. Please refer to Addendum A, Auditorium Usage, for more specific details on the use of the auditorium.
  3. When school buildings are used for the purpose other than for school use, additional expenses, including heating, lighting and other operating expenses (wear and tear) are incurred by the public school system. Therefore, charges are made by the Medway Public Schools to cover these costs. See attached Fee Schedule.
  4. The School Committee has determined the rates to be charged based upon the following classifications:

    Medway Organization:

    Including, but not limited to; Medway school groups (drama, chorus), Community Education, support groups (PTO, MFE), Town departments (town meetings), Town Organizations (MYSA, MABA, Scouts), Medway businesses.

    Non-Medway Organization:

    All non-Medway organizations.

  5. The Medway School Committee reserves the right to grant, at is discretion, free use of any school facility to any educational, charitable or governmental agency. The School Committee reserves the right to modify or rescind this practice at any time.
  6. A piano tuning fee based upon the standard scale will be added to rental invoices for use of the baby grand piano.
  7. Long-term rentals will be billed at 50% of the total rental fee. At no time will custodial charges be waived or discounted. (Long- term rental is defined as three (3) or more consecutive days, weeks, or weekends.)


  1. The renter will receive an approved (signed) Application for Use of Facilities Form along with an estimated bill for facilities use, equipment and custodial fees. Payment for facilities along with estimated custodial and equipment fees MUST be made thirty (30) days in advance of the first use date. Checks must be made payable to The Town of Medway and forwarded to Business Office. Any returned check will be subject to a $30.00 Returned Check Fee and possible revocation of application.
  2. If payment is not received on the due date, the renter’s application will be considered cancelled.


  1. The custodian on duty shall be responsible for the supervision of the building and equipment, safety precautions in the building, cleaning of the building after its use, and for any services required by the renter in accordance with the use of the facilities approved.
  2. Custodians have no responsibility to groups, as they have regular duties to be completed.
  3. If you plan on advertising for the success of your event and it is not a school function, be certain to note the sponsoring group and do not imply school sponsorship.
  4. On days when school has been canceled because of emergency conditions, the school buildings may not be available. However, all scheduled use will automatically be canceled unless the renter contacts the school being rented to confirm the availability of the school.
  5. The Medway Public Schools will not be responsible for the cancellation of an application for the use of school property in case of an emergency which results in the closing of a school building/
  6. All questions concerning building use and particulars should be directed to the Director of Facilities or the Business Office.
  7. For use and rental of any school athletic fields, please contact the Town Department of Public Services.

First Reading: August 5, 2004
Adopted: September 2, 2004
Revised: March 24, 2005

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