Solar Program

In 2009, the district contracted with Trane (an energy services company, or “ESCO”) to perform a comprehensive set of energy conservation measures at all schools, including HVAC replacements and upgrades, lighting retrofits, water conservation measures, and automated energy management systems.

In April, 2010, Medway Public Schools “Switched to Solar”, highlighted by a formal celebration attended by numerous state officials including Governor Deval Patrick.  (Next time you visit Medway High School, check out the symbolic switch that was fabricated by MHS students, displayed in the lobby, that was signed by the Governor along with his message “Power Up!”).

The High School solar panel installation has saved the district a significant amount of money, and the electricity it generates accounts for about 15% of power consumed by MHS.

During the following year, we commissioned a second solar panel installation, this time at Medway Middle School.  While the immediate cost savings are not as substantial (due to changes in the economics of solar energy development), the system generates three times the electricity of the High School’s solar array, and supplies over half of the power needs of the Middle School!

Combined, these two solar installations are capable of generating a half-megawatt of power (an impressive number, isn’t it?), and have provided over a half-million kilowatt hours annually, or nearly 20% of the district’s total usage (for all four buildings).

Beyond that, Medway Town Meeting has cleared the way for us to consider additional solar projects at both McGovern and Burke/Memorial elementary schools.  Accordingly, we are in the process of determining the feasibility of moving forward with those initiatives.  Power Up, indeed!

To see the statistics for our current High and Middle School installations, click below:

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Be sure to check out the Town of Medway Energy Comittee Page