Auditorium Usage

Facility Description

Medway Public Schools will provide the renting organization with the facilities listed below for the dates indicated on the foregoing contract pages for the purpose of presenting the indicated production:

  1. Auditorium and stage

  2. Dressing rooms

  3. Auditorium Lobby and Ambulatory

  4. Public rest rooms (2) in lobby

  5. Auditorium projection booth

  6. Auditorium Sound Booth

  7. Additional facilities for dressing areas, warm-up areas, cafeteria, etc. may be rented as part of this contract and will be charged for at the prevailing daily/hourly rate(s).


  1. Food and beverages are not permitted onstage or in the auditorium seating area AT ANY TIME. Food and beverages may NOT be served in the workshop, dressing areas, and lobby as well. Bottled water may be allowed in the dressing room area ONLY.

  2. Smoking, other than the prescribed stage business in the presentation, is not permitted AT ANY TIME.

  3. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted on school grounds AT ANY TIME.

  4. It is the responsibility of the renting organization to assure that these restrictions are followed by the production staff and the audience of the presentation.

  5. The following are the sole responsibility of the renting organization:

    1. Crowd control (box office, ushers*, ticket takers*, and security personnel) *Medway High School Student Council, National Honor Society and Drama Club can provide personnel for these positions. Contact the Assistant Principal at Medway High School.

    2. All scenery, properties, costumes, etc., for the presentation

    3. Removal of ALL organization production materials immediately following the final performance. Medway Public School will not be responsible for any material left behind - IT WILL NOT BE SAVED AND THE RENTING ORGANIZATION WILL BE CHARGED FOR ITS REMOVAL.

Equipment Provided

  1. Medway Community Auditorium (MCA) will provide the renting organization with a bare, clean stage, wing, and loading dock areas; clean dressing rooms and a clean walkway through the workshop.

  2. Because the workshop also serves as the auditorium's only storage area, every effort will be made to make as much room as possible, but no storage, "green room" or additional dressing areas can be guaranteed.

  3. MCA will provide all equipment listed on the specification sheet.

  4. Any additional equipment needed by the renting organizations because of technical riders or special requirements are the responsibility of the renting organization.

  5. All scenery, platforms, properties, costumes, risers, and musical equipment belonging to Medway Public Schools which are not included on the specification sheets are specifically NOT for the use of renting organizations, unless detailed otherwise in the contract forms. This includes technical production materials such as lumber, painting supplies, gel, tools, etc. If items such as the above are desired for the presentation, additional fees, if any, will be added to the rental agreement.

  6. Operation of all equipment belonging to MCA is to be used by MCA technical staff ONLY.


All personnel required for the rental period are not included in the rental cost. The renting organization will pay the additional cost to Medway Public Schools, not directly to the personnel. The following personnel are required for the entire rental period:

  1. Auditorium manager or district approved personnel: $20.00/hr.

  2. Custodian: normal hourly rate; time and a half for Saturdays and Sundays. Salary adjusted on seniority status of custodian. Medway Public Schools reserves the right to assess additional charge for set-up and tear down.

  3. District approved technical staff as needed: Minimum wage per hour per staff member (student certified to operate equipment with supervision). The decision as to how many staff are needed for the efficient and safe operation of equipment rests solely with the auditorium manager/district approved personnel.

  4. To provide the renting organization with an approximate labor cost, MCA recommends labor @ $50.00/hr. weekdays and $70.00/hr. weekends.