***Transportation Information***

2024-2025 Bus Information

Registration Link (Projected to open April 1st)

Please note that transportation registration will be via the Parent Portal. Each student's individual registration will contain the information regarding whether the grade level/distance or Free/Reduced lunch status qualifies the student for free transportation. All of this will be live on April 1, 2024. Thank you.

Transportation Handbook

Google Form for Submission of Transportation 2024-2025 Questions and Concerns

District Policy EEA - Student Transportation Policy (updated March 14, 2024)

District Policy EEAA - Walkers and Riders (updated March 14, 2024)

Letter to Parents/Guardians March 15, 2024

2023-24 School Year Bus Information

Please note that published times are approximate. While routes continue to stabilize, please allow for a 10 minute variance in either direction.

Wishing you a wonderful school year!

Bus Procedures for Families

1. Parental inquiries about bus routes and/or bus stops should be entered via use of the Google form above.

2. Parents should not contact Holmes Transportation Company main number regarding changes to bus routes or bus stops. All requests should be entered via use of the Google form above.

3. Parents should not request changes in the routes or bus stops directly to the Holmes Transportation Bus Drivers. We certainly welcome feedback and suggestions from bus drivers on ways to make the routes more efficient, or to help make the publication of the bus routes more accurate. All inquiries should be entered via the Google form above.

4. Parents should not contact administrative staff at the schools within the Principal’s office regarding changes to bus routes or bus stops.

5. Parents should not contact the Superintendent’s office regarding changes to bus routes or bus stops.

6. Effective the 2024-25 School Year, Policy EEAA, which governs transportation eligibility has been modified.

7. The bus routes for the upcoming school year are normally published on the Medway School Department website in the first half of August. Due to changes suggested by bus drivers or requests made by parents, the routes and times of the original publication will likely evolve and change as improvements are made. Updates will be regularly re-posted to our website so our parents have the most updated information. Parents should be prepared for several updates to routes to be published from late August to late September.

8. Parents should be reminded that any times posted are “estimated guidelines” generated by the software. They are guideposts intended to give parents an approximate idea of the pick-up times within 10 minutes. The pick- up times will evolve throughout the school year as parents and bus drivers become more familiar with both the students and the routes. Obviously, inclement weather will also have an effect on pick-up times at certain times of the school year.

9. The timing of individual stops is used simply as a guide to be helpful to parents. The timing of when students are actually dropped off at their schools makes us sensitive to changes in routes or adding stops. Changing the routes or adding too many stops along the way can make the arrival time at schools challenging.

10. The designing of the routes is a collaboration between the Medway Public Schools (Director of Finance and Operations and the Transportation Coordinator) and Holmes Transportation. The Medway Police Department is also consulted when safety concerns of the bus stops or routes are raised by parents.

11. Parents should do their best to relay interactions with the bus drivers including safety concerns about their driving as accurately as they can to the transportation department via use of the Google doc above. The beginning of the school year is stressful for the students, the drivers and the parents, so the sharing of concerns and inquiries in a timely, as well as thorough and accurate, manner is very helpful for the resolution of the questions.

12. Answers to parental inquiries can range to several minutes of research to several days of work with multiple follow-ups.

13. The number of inquiries received at the beginning of the year can make it difficult to respond with very quick turnaround times due to volume. The Business Office is committed to getting back in touch with parents just as soon as we can. We are grateful for the patience shown from our parents as they wait to have their questions answered. We understand that even a short acknowledgment from us can go a long way when the question is received and is being reviewed.

14. Parents know that the first 7-10 days of school can be a challenge for both students and bus drivers in terms of timing and consistency. Our experience has shown the whole process improves over the first few weeks in terms of reliability as students get used to their new schedules and bus drivers become more familiar with their morning routines and improvements and suggestions for bus stops and routes are implemented.