Student Registration

Registration of students new to Medway will take place online. For any questions, please contact Lindsey Crittenden by emailing or calling 508-533-3222 x3156. 

To begin the registration process, please gather the required documents listed below.  Access the Infinite Campus Online Registration Portal and follow the directions found here to complete the registration process and submit your application.

SCHOOL CHOICE APPLICANTS must complete the following  School Choice Application.

Please be sure to have electronic copies of:

  • Proof of Residency (ONE of the following documents):

    (Name and address must appear on the bill)

    • Utility bill (Water Bill, Gas Bill or Electric Bill).

    • Signed Purchase and Sale (occupancy must take place within sixty (60) days)

    • Current Tax Bill

  • Birth Certificate 

  • Copy of the most recent Physical Exam  within the last year. (Visit Summary and/or Progress Notes from a doctor visit are not acceptable.)

  • An immunization record from the physician. May be included in the physical exam. (Visit Summary and/or Progress Notes from a doctor visit are not acceptable.)

  • Legal court documentation of guardianship (if applicable)- If divorced or separated, you will need to show legal or official court documentation indicating that you are the custodial parent and have physical custody of your child.

  • Transcripts and/or last report card if applicable

  • A copy of current 504/IEP plan (if applicable)

All documents must be uploaded as a pdf or png (picture format) to complete the registration process. If you do not have access to a scanner, we suggest using a smartphone or mobile device with a camera to capture the images.

 NO child will be able to register without all documentation.

We recommend using a PC or mac based computer with a sufficient screen size to complete the registration process. The use of smart phones may be difficult, due to the information and size of the web pages, as well as incompatible with all devices.