School Committee

The Medway School Committee consists of five members who are elected to staggered three-year terms in the May TownElection.  In the context of Chapter 71, Section 37 of Massachusetts General Laws, our primary responsibilities are:

  • review, approve and oversee the annual school budget

  • hire and evaluate the performance of the superintendent

  • establish policy and goals for the school district

  • advocate for the students in the school district

The committee generally meets the first and third Thursday of each month during the school calendar year in the Presentation Room at Medway Middle School.  Meetings are public and are conducted under the rules of Massachusetts Open Meeting Law.

Cindy Sullivan, Chair (2027)

Lauren Nassiff, Member (2025)

Melissa Greenfield, Vice Chair (2026)

Kailene Simon, Member (2025)

Preston Gales, Member (2026)