Teaching and Learning

The Medway Public Schools, in partnership with the community, creates an academically challenging, safe and supportive learning environment that promotes the pursuit of excellence for all. We aspire to provide all students with a robust, equitable academic program that engages, challenges, and supports all students to apply knowledge, develop talents and skills, think independently, work collaboratively, and become informed, responsible, and productive citizens of a global community.

The Office of the Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning is responsible for overseeing and supporting the PK-12 academic program. Our offices facilitate curriculum reviews and then foster the development and implementation of action plans in service to improvement of our curricular programs.

The Office also coordinates many of the professional learning experiences that our educators take part in throughout the year. We strive to provide opportunities that support our district goals as well as inspire and motivate our teachers to push themselves in their professional practice to provide an optimal learning experience for all learners in the classroom.

The Office also supports the work of our English Learners. The District has an experienced and dedicated team that specializes in the instruction of English Language Development and fosters the success of our students and families with linguistically diverse needs.

Through the acquisition of grants, both entitlement and competitive, and through the generous support our School Committee who is committed to budgetary decisions with teaching and learning at the core, the Office of Teaching and Learning is able to make fiscally responsible commitments to our students. Resource and instructional material acquisitions, professional learning planning and oversight, and meaningful collaboration with building leaders and educators are pillars of our work.

Lastly, our Office supports the evolving development of educators, both new to the profession and new to the Medway Public Schools, through our Educator Induction Program.